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It’s too much to expect someone to clean the house after they’ve finished all the exhausting domestic duties after a long day. Cleaning the house requires time and effort, which makes it a demanding task. A household cleaning service is therefore indispensable, especially for those who are busy at work.

A strong vacuum
You’ll be astounded by the first professional standard vacuum that we will use. It has a suction power double that of an ordinary vacuum and twice the suction power. The space will be left clean and dust-free after this service removes dust, micro debris, and allergen-causing particles.

Hydro cleaning
This process combines deep cleaning with the H2O Storm Cleaning method to ensure that nothing gets discolored.

To guarantee a complete cleaning of your mattress, contact Mattress Cleaning Service Johor.

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Kembalilkan tilam bersih tanpa bahan cemar dan pepijat.

Powerful Vacuum
  • Professional-standard vacuuming equipment with twice the suction power.
  • Removes all allergen-causing particles, dust, and micro debris.
Pembersihan Hidro
  • Deep cleaning using our H2O Storm Cleaning method.
  • Removing hard stains, mold and urine with our water vacuum.
All-In Hunting
  • Matrix Grid Method accurately detects all microbes.
  • Effectively killing bed bugs and dust mites.
Pembersihan Bingkai Katil

Proses kami termasuk bersih dengan disinfektan dan cucian kering untuk memastikan permukaan katil yang bersih.

Pencucian Kering Bantai

Cucian kering yang menyeluruh untuk bantal anda supaya ia kekal segar dan selesa.

Pencucian Kering Tilam

Langkah pertama proses pembersihan tilam, kami fokus pada pembersihan hama habuk, pepijat katil dan partikel habuk.

Pembersihan Hidro

Diikuti dengan proses pembuangan kotoran, dan kesan air kencing dengan kaedah Pembersihan Ribut H2O dan vakum air kami.

Vakum Secara Menyeluruh

Perangkap Taufan Anti-Graviti, bersih secara terperinci.

Penyemburan Bahan Pencegah

Akhirnya, kami akan letak satu lapisan penghalau pepijat katil tanpa toksik untuk mengelakkan potensi pencerobohan pepijat.


No. Our service personnel will only clean your mattress, pillow(s), and bedframe.

No. We will conduct hydro cleaning on top of the mattress only.

No. We will not move/remove your mattress.

No. We will conduct dry-cleaning to clean your pillow(s) but not the bolster.

No. To clean the pillow(s), we will apply the dry-cleaning method only.

Yes. We highly recommend that you change the bedsheet/protector after the service as your mattress has just been freshly cleaned.

Each cleaning service takes averagely 90 minutes to complete but the service duration may vary depending on the mattress size. After the service, you will need to wait for approximately 4 hours for the mattress to dry completely before use.

No. Our cleaning service doesn’t apply to a full coconut fibre mattress.
No. Our service personnel will only clean your mattress, pillow(s), and bedframe.
No. Customers are required to wait for 4 hours before the mattress is thoroughly dried and ready to use.
No unpleasant odour will remain on your mattress. Instead, there will be a mild floral scent.
It takes 4 hours to let your mattress fully dry after cleaning.

WonderKlean Care Plan is a policy in which an insured receives reimbursement from WonderKlean. This policy is designed to protect an insured in respect of the legal liability to pay compensation for accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to the property of the other person caused by or through the negligence of the insured or his employees or by any defect in the premises owned or any defects in the ways, works of the insured.

The WonderKlean Care Plan covers any property damage that is caused during service sessions. However, it does not apply to the failure of the serviced product(s) (washing machine, kitchen appliances, mattress and air conditioner) after the service session.